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 LSFMD Application Format

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PostSubject: LSFMD Application Format   Fri Mar 06, 2015 3:46 am

Basic Information

Full Name :*Answer Here*
Age & Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) :*Answer Here*
Area of Current Residence :*Answer Here*
Area of Child Hood :*Answer Here*
Place of Birth & Birth Certificate :*Answer Here*
Ethnicity Origin :*Answer Here*
Mailing Address :*Answer Here*
How long have you been living in Los Santos? ((Level)) :*Answer Here*

Legal Work Right and Felony Statement

Have you ever been subject to limitation, suspension, or termination of your right to practice in a health care occupation or voluntary surrendered a healthcare licensure in any state of to an agency authorizing the legal right to work? (Legal Work Right Rap Sheet)

*Answer Here*

You have ever convicted of a felony? (Crimes Committed Rap Sheet)

*Answer Here*

1. What EMS stands for? *Answer Here*
2. What ALS and BLS stands for? *Answer Here*
3. List five First Aid Equipments : *Answer Here*
4. What is a antibiotic? Give an example. *Answer Here*
5. Wich drug we can use to anesthetize a patient ? *Answer Here*
6. List three most common medical emergencies ? *Answer Here*

Firefighting Knowledge Examination

1. What are the goals of the firefighting ? *Answer Here*
2. List the firefighting skills : *Answer Here*
3. What is the "prevention" inside the firefighting? *Answer Here*
4. Explain the "Fire Control" : *Answer Here*
5. Explain what is a HAZMAT incident. Give an example : *Answer Here*

Extended Information


1. Past Employment:
*Answer Here*
1.2.Why do you want to join the LSFMD?(Minimum of 40 words):
*Answer Here*
1.3.Why should we choose you instead of other applicants?(Minimum of 40 words):
*Answer Here*
1.4.What are your goals in LSFMD?(Minimum of 3 goals):
*Answer Here*
1.5.Structured CV Biography (No Template Restriction)(Minimum of 60 words):
*Answer Here*
Signed, (Your name here)

Copyright © 2011 LSFMD Application, All rights reserved.
Official LSFMD Application Format. Not to be reproduced, unless written position by a Chief of LSFMD. Exploitation of this sheet, will result in punishment.Punishment includes, but is not limited to: Suspension, up to two (2) Faction Strike(s), and Demotion of current rank or if missussed by the applicant will result in a Denial and three (3) Month Faction Application Lock. All Terms and Conditions apply. Full Copyright © of LSFMD property. Violators will be punished by law will result in prosecution to punishments by law.


Name: *Answer Here*
Age: *Answer Here*
GMT: *Answer Here*
Country of Residence: *Answer Here*
IRL Medical/Fire Fighting Experience : *Answer Here*
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LSFMD Application Format
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