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 LSFMD Handbook

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PostSubject: LSFMD Handbook   Fri Mar 06, 2015 3:45 am

About Us
The Fire Department San Andreas is one of the most busiest and active factions in San Andreas with people getting injured all the time. The Fire Department San Andreas must be there to treat them to the best of their ability. It can be a hectic/overwelming faction. Everyone when they join is defaulted to Emergency Medical Services (General Duties) which consists of saving the lives of all the injured people in San Andreas. This is the most important division and must be done professionally. Also personnel get trained with due time on the department for Fire duties, though the divisions have been merged into one (General Duties). All personnel are trained for the same job title, this is done so that in situations of an Emergency (such as a Structure Fire, or Motor Vehicle Accident), all members can grab the needed vehicles (Engine, Heavy Rescue, Ladder, Ambulance etc.) and respond in a professional manner to perform their duties on the scene.
R6 - Chief
R5 - Battalion Chief
R4 - Lieutenant
R3 - Captain
R2 - EMT Paramedic
R1 - EMT Intermediate
R0 - EMT Basic
Divisons will be given to the Member when he join and the Leader will choose it
- None Divison=Medic: If Someone Got a Divison he cant be a medic only the people that got no Divisons are medics
- FD:Which: is The Fire Department Its the Department for The Fire Only FD Do that job Medics Cant Do this Job
- Life Flight: The Medics That Uses the Airplanes and the Helicopters Normal Medics Cant Take the Helicopters only this people can do it
- T&R: Teaching and Research This Divisons will be given to the high ranks of course Chief Choose them
Allowed Guns
EMT Basic

EMT Intermediate

EMT Paramedic


Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

Battalion Chief:
Fire extinguisher

All FDSA members will be required to do certain field training when a lieutenant or higher command decides to start it. Disobeying a direct order can result in punishment and will not be tolerated. Field training can occur on any day at any time. The training may include:

• Doing medical treatment on a injured civilian in San Andreas.
• Doing field training with a group of fellow FDSA members.
• Getting told to drive to certain locations.
• Having to do a revision on the hand book.

• Lockers /lsfmd
The locker room is an important part of the FDSA, as it will help you get your uniform and equipment.

• Faction Radio /r
This radio is used to talk to other FDSA members. It must be used ICly, although it can have a short OOC questions, as long as you use OOC brackets (( )).

• Portable Radio /pr
This radio is used for OOC questions or simply wanting to talk OOC. Using this radio means you DONT have to use OOC brackets.

• Department Radio /dept
This radio is used to talk with all other Government departments and should not be abused in any way. All low ranks must ask permission to use it or it can result in a strike depending on the situation. It must also never be used for OOC chat.

• Megaphone /m
This is an extremely useful tool that will alert anybody within a large area. It is used to tell cars to pull over or give way if your sirens are active.

• Calling for Backup /backup
This command will alert all FDSA members of your current location and, if they are close enough it will display a beacon on their GPS (mini map).

• Cancelling Backup /nobackup
If you no longer require backup, use this command to remove the beacon from anybody nearby.

• Displaying your badge /badge
This will put your badge on or off, causing your name to swap between pink and white. It should be on whilst on-duty.

• Showing your Badge /showbadge
This will show your badge to anybody who needs to see it. This is a great way to show who you are, what department you're in and the division you're in.

• Government announcement (/gov)
This command will cause a large announcement to be broadcasted to everybody in San Andreas. It should never be abused and never used if it is for OOC chat. Only a member of the Department Command is allowed to make an announcement.

• Accepting a call /getpt
This command is used to accept a patients call when they are in need of help. Once you accept the call a red beacon will appear on your GPS (mini map). Note: You must always accept the first call.

• Moving a patient /movept
This command is used when you cannot bring your vehicle closer to the patient. It will move your patient closer to your vehicle. Note: Must be Rp’ed and remember to click the fire button when you want to place the patient down.

• Loading a patient /loadpt
This command is used when you are loading your patient into your vehicle. Note: You should still RP loading the stretcher into the Ambulance.

• Treating a patient /heal
This command is very useful. It heals a patient that is close to you. Note: Must be Rp’ed ($200 is the recommended price).

• Delivering a patient /deliverpt
This command is used when you're at a hospital icon saying “/deliverpt”. Note: Must be Rp’ed.

X]Do not; Patrolling without being on duty.
[X]Do not; Patrolling without being in the correct uniform.
[X]Do not; Going off duty without asking permission.
[X]Do not; Using /d without permission when there's a higher rank around.
[X]Do not; OOC in /d
[X]Do not; Reckless driving/ramming
[X]Do not; Using firetrucks without permission
[X]Do not; Raging about your rank or asking for promotions
[X]Do not; Use of a restricted faction vehicle without permission (Firetruck, Rancher etc.)
[X]Do not; Accepting calls then not going to them, or purposefully not accepting calls
[X]Do not; Being in possession of a high grade weapon (SPAS, M4 etc.)
[X]Do not; Immature or otherwise inappropriate behavior
[X]Do not; Failure to RP correctly with a patient
[X]Do not; Failure to be on Team Speak when in game

[XX]Do not; Bringing the faction into disrepute
[XX]Do not; Disobeying direct orders from the High Command.
[XX]Do not; OOC/IC Disrespect to another member of the FDSA
[XX]Do not; Disrespect to an LEO
[XX]Do not; Discharging a high grade weapon (SPAS, M4 etc.)

[XXX]Do not; Lack of professionalism
[XXX]Do not; Abusing Powers. (Example, abusing /m)
[XXX]Do not; Abusing faction vehicles. (Example; Abusing firetrucks spray)
[XXX]Do not; Enter the Nation of Tierra Robada. (If you go into that country and get arrested you may be removed from FDSA)

[XXXX]Do not; Abusing faction weapons. (Mainly Fire Extinguishers)
[XXXX]Do not; Healing gang members at a point war.
[XXXX]Do not; Assault on a member of the FDSA/member of another faction.
[XXXX]Do not; Assault on a patient or any member of the public.

[XXXXX]DO NOT; Corruption

NOTE: If you are given two strikes while being a Recruit, you will be fired immediately.

[X] One strike will result in closer observation for subsequent misbehavior.
[XX] Two strikes will result in a suspension from the FDSA (Length dependent on discretion)
[XXX] Three strikes will result in a suspension and demotion to previous held rank (Length of suspension dependent on discretion)
[XXXX] Four strikes will result in getting fired from the FDSA.
[XXXXX] Five strikes will result in getting a faction ban from the FDSA.
If you want to join you have to read this handbook you might get questions about it in the test
Rules Made By Prince
Stay Safe!
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LSFMD Handbook
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